MLB To A-Rod: You Have 24 Hours To Settle Your Suspension, Dude

  • Jake O'Donnell

MLB Steroids News

Not to make a mountain out of a molehill here, but this a make or break moment for the sport of baseball. According to the New York Post, the league dropped a rather timely ultimatum for the players implicated in the Biogenesis steroid scandal.

Via NYPost: Major League Baseball yesterday notified A-Rod and other players linked to Biogenesis they have until 6 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow to settle on suspensions for their alleged involvements with the now-shuttered anti-aging clinic in South Florida. MLB intends to announce all of the suspensions on Monday, multiple sources said — perhaps hours before Rodriguez could be scheduled to make his 2013 major league debut for the Yankees in Chicago.

What’s so interesting about this is, among other things, the timing: A-Rod was scheduled to make his season debut in Chicago literally a few hours after he’s being told to take the suspension offer on the table.

The plot thickens like Jason Giambi’s neck in the early 2000’s.

As it’s been reported quite frequently on this site and others, the Yankees stand to save a ton of money by keeping off a major league diamond this season. Not only do they save the $90M they still owe him, but reportedly $10-20M in cap penalties alone. So it’s no wonder they’re lobbying the shit out of Bud Selig to get this A-Rod thing over with as soon as possible. That much is obvious, even to A-Rod: “People have been trying to get creative trying to cancel my contract.”

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