MLB World Series Odds Power Rankings: Dodgers Roaring

With the MLB postseason closing in, the Los Angeles Dodgers continue to demonstrate why they’re the most feared team in the league.

Below are the top ten favorites to win the World Series from the FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers +310 (Last week: +320, #1)

Entering action on Friday, the Los Angeles Dodgers lead MLB with 104 victories and are all well on their way to boasting the best record in the league once the postseason hits, giving them home-field advantage for the entirety. 

2. Houston Astros +400 (Last week: +410, #2)

Much like the Dodgers, the Houston Astros have continued to be the biggest threat in the American League and are closing in on clinching the number one seed and having a home field in their chase to capture the AL pennant. 

3. New York Yankees +500 (Last week: +500, #4)

There were questions about whether or not the New York Yankees could hold onto the top spot in the AL East, but those have largely been erased of late, which has them holding a 7.5 game in the AL East and owning an 8-2 over their past ten games. 

4. New York Mets +550 (Last week: +480, #3)

The New York Mets are in a flat-out brawl with the Atlanta Braves to win the NL East, and they currently own a 1.5-game lead on September 23. With a rotation that will be hard to match, the Mets should be a team to be reckoned with come October. 

5. Atlanta Braves +900 (Last week: +750, #5)

Once October hits, it will be difficult to count out the defending World Series champion Atlanta Braves, showing how difficult it is to win in the National League in the playoffs. 

6. Toronto Blue Jays +1500 (Last week: +1800, #6)

The Toronto Blue Jays still occupy the top Wild Card position in the American League, but they dropped Game 1 of a pivotal four-game series with the Tampa Bay Rays, which could dictate which team has home field in the first round of the postseason. 

7. St. Louis Cardinals +1700 (Last week: +2200, #7)

It hasn’t been a good week offensively for the St. Louis Cardinals, but they salvaged the final game of their series against the San Diego Padres and are closing in on capturing the NL Central crown. 

8. Seattle Mariners +2000 (Last week: +2700, #8)

It hasn’t been a kind stretch for the Seattle Mariners over the last week, where they’ve posted a 4-6 record but still sit in the third Wild Card position in the AL. Even with their recent slump, the Mariners have seen their World Series odds bet down from +2700 to +2000. 

9. Cleveland Guardians +3200 (Last week: +4400, unranked)

It’s been an impressive stretch for the Cleveland Guardians, who continue to be one of the more under-the-radar teams in MLB. Owning one of the best starting rotations, the Guardians will be a tough out in the postseason and have seen their World Series odds bet down from +4400 to +3200, 

10. Tampa Bay Rays +3200 (Last week: +3100, #9)

The Tampa Bay Rays kicked off their series with the Toronto Blue Jays on a positive note, and that could go a long way in helping them gain home-field advantage in the first round of the MLB playoffs. 

World Series Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

Team Current Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers 290
Houston Astros 400
New York Yankees 450
New York Mets 550
Atlanta Braves 950
Toronto Blue Jays 1500
St. Louis Cardinals 1800
Seattle Mariners 2800
Cleveland Guardians 3200
Tampa Bay Rays 3200
San Diego Padres 3600
Philadelphia Phillies 3700
Milwaukee Brewers 20000
Baltimore Orioles 50000
Chicago White Sox 100000
Minnesota Twins 500000
San Francisco Giants 500000
Boston Red Sox 500000