MLB World Series Odds Power Rankings: Yankees Finding Stride

The New York Yankees are finding their stride down the stretch, while the St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Mariners continue to have their odds bet down.

Below are the top ten favorites to win the World Series from the FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers +310 (Last week: +320, #1)

It was a banner week for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who clinched a playoff spot and the NL West. The favorites to win the World Series are closing in on 100 wins and the NL’s top seed. 

2. Houston Astros +400 (Last week: +410, #2)

It’s hard to find a team that’s played with more consistency throughout the year than the Houston Astros. The team enters Friday with an 8-2 record over their past ten games and has now won five in a row. 

3. New York Yankees +500 (Last week: +500, #4)

Nothing was easy for the New York Yankees in August, but things have turned around in September, which has seen them win four straight games and own an 8-2 record over their past ten.

4. New York Mets +550 (Last week: +480, #3)

It appears the New York Mets have taken on the Yankees’ struggles, which saw them swept by the Chicago Cubs this week. Still, the Mets own the top spot in the NL East by one game over the Atlanta Braves. 

5. Atlanta Braves +900 (Last week: +750, #5)

The Braves haven’t taken advantage of the Mets’ struggles and remain behind in the NL East. An upcoming series against the Philadelphia Phillies could loom large in their pursuit of the division crown. 

6. Toronto Blue Jays +1500 (Last week: +1800, #6)

The Toronto Blue Jays have taken over the top Wild Card spot in the American League and have seen their World Series odds get bet down, moving from +1800 to +1500 over the last week. 

7. St. Louis Cardinals +1700 (Last week: +2200, #7)

After the St. Louis Cardinals split a two-game series with the Milwaukee Brewers, the team now holds a 7.5-game lead atop the NL Central while seeing their World Series odds bet down from +2200 to +1700. 

8. Seattle Mariners +2000 (Last week: +2700, #8)

It would be an understatement to say it’s been an excellent second half of the year for the Seattle Mariners. The team continues to hold down the second Wild Card spot in the American League and has posted a 6-4 record over their past ten games. 

9. Tampa Bay Rays +3100 (Last week: +3100, #9)

It wasn’t the best week for the Tampa Bay Rays, losing three of five against the Blue Jays. However, they still sit 4.5 games clear of the Baltimore Orioles for the final Wild Card spot, so it’s not all bad. 

10. Philadelphia Phillies +3600 (Last week: +3100, #9)

The Phillies are quietly playing some strong baseball, posting a 7-3 record over their past ten. Even with that stretch, the team has seen their World Series odds fall over the last week, going from +3100 to +3600. 

World Series Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

Team Current Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers 310
Houston Astros 400
New York Yankees 500
New York Mets 550
Atlanta Braves 900
Toronto Blue Jays 1500
St. Louis Cardinals 1700
Seattle Mariners 2000
Tampa Bay Rays 3100
Philadelphia Phillies 3600
San Diego Padres 4300
Cleveland Guardians 4400
Chicago White Sox 8500
Milwaukee Brewers 12000
Minnesota Twins 20000
Baltimore Orioles 20000
Boston Red Sox 400000
Arizona Diamondbacks 400000
San Francisco Giants 450000
Texas Rangers 500000
Miami Marlins 500000
Oakland Athletics 500000
Cincinnati Reds 500000
Chicago Cubs 500000
Kansas City Royals 500000
Pittsburgh Pirates 500000
Los Angeles Angels 500000
Detroit Tigers 500000
Colorado Rockies 500000
Washington Nationals 500000