The Moneyball Trailer Looks Pretty Good, And Brad Pitt Looks Very Handsome

  • Glenn Davis

Moneyball is a story of exploiting market inefficiencies. It’s a story of an underdog triumphing against the odds. It’s a story of news ways of thinking triumphing over entrenched-but-outdated ideas. And now, thanks to star Brad Pitt, it is also a story of perfection of the human form.

Well, okay, not really. But the trailer is out, and judging by the two-and-a-half-minute peek it gives us at the film adaptation of Michael Lewis‘ 2003 book on the unlikely rise of general manager Billy Beane’s Oakland Athletics (Beane’s played by Pitt in the film), we might just have a compelling movie with sharp dialogue here – and not just because we’re constantly getting lost in Pitt’s beautiful eyes:

Aaron Sorkin helped fashion the screenplay, which makes it reasonable for one to expect the movie will be pretty good (if not quite an exact retelling of history). And one thing that’s stuck out to multiple observers thus far: it looks like a baseball movie.

While that might only seem logical for a movie about a baseball team, what’s meant by that is it doesn’t look like the filmmakers are trying to transcend sports, to tell a story that’s so much more. And while we’d say it’s a good bet the full movie will contain a good deal more about markets and arbitrage and statistical analysis than what’s presented in the trailer, maybe at heart, the team behind this movie just wanted to tell a good underdog story. Here is that trailer.

True, as Will Leitch points out over at Yahoo!, the A’s under Beane haven’t had much success lately, but they certainly had a terrific run in the early-mid 2000s, and the fact that even those who weren’t such big fans of Moneyball’s message called the story “irresistible” probably means it’s a story worth telling…and one people will pay to see. Especially when movie Billy Beane just looks so dreamy.