Morning Links: Johnny Damon Turns Down Boston’s Advances

  • Dan Fogarty and Glenn Davis

While you were sleeping, SportsGrid was up all night watching TV and searching the internet for links to help get your day started. Today, Boston wants Johnny Damon to answer just one question, a Donovan McNabb interview and backlash, MJ’s sons do some unfortunate tweeting, and more.

Dan Shaughnessy would like Johnny Damon to answer a few questions, namely: “Why?” and, “How could you?!”

Chad Ochocinco was fined $25,000 for doing Chad Ochocinco things. Ocho then protested that that was “2 months of Bugatti payments” down the drain, quickly remembered he played in the NFL, giggled, then jumped into his giant pool of money.

Donovan McNabb opened up to GQ. Some Philly columnists weren’t fond of the way he opened up to GQ. And some people weren’t fond of the way columnists criticized the way McNabb opened up to GQ.

MediaBistro has a new, super-duper serious sports website. Their take on us? “It is more of a gossip column than a serious analysis of sports media news.” They then adjusted their monocle, and returned to writing about streaming video for the PGA.

Michael Jordan’s sons, Jeffrey and Marcus, had themselves quite a time in Vegas – then let the world know about it. Evidence of their high-rolling ways was soon erased. Speaking of MJ, this movie also came out.

“The death of 52-year-old Penner would become as big a news story as her coming out as transgender in the pages of a major American newspaper, and as disturbing and perplexing as Daniels’ decision in the fall of 2008 to return to life as a male.”

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