The Most-Searched Athletes Of 2010

  • Dan Fogarty

Bing just sent along their list of the most-searched athletes and teams of 2010, and since we consider ourselves aficionados of this sort of thing we thought we’d share it with you.

No surprises at the top: Tiger Woods and LeBron James were 1 and 2, respectively. Woods’ dalliances were really starting to become a big deal around New Year’s 2010, and it was his early-year search results that likely made him #1.

Meanwhile, LeBron owned the summer. “The Decision” took place on July 8th, but in the leadup to it you had plenty of people Bing-searching (Binging? Is that a thing yet?) for scoops on where he’d land. Afterward, you likely had a ton of people scouring the web for LeBron hate.

The biggest surprises on this list? Tony Romo (no surprise he made the list, but #3? C’mon, America.) and Colt McCoy (again, we realize he was a quarterback at Texas, and Texas loves their football, but we don’t see this.). Here are the two lists in full:

Top Athletes Searched on in 2010

1.       Tiger Woods (PGA)

2.       Lebron James (NBA)

3.       Tony Romo (NFL)

4.       Tom Brady (NFL)

5.       Brett Favre (NFL)

6.       Kobe Bryant (NBA)

7.       Colt McCoy (NFL)

8.       Ben Roethlisberger (NFL)

9.       Alex Rodriguez (MLB)

10.   Reggie Bush (NFL)

11.   Michael Oher (NFL)

Top Teams Searched on in 2010

1.       New York Yankees (MLB)

2.       Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

3.       New Orleans Saints (NFL)

4.       Boston Red Sox (MLB)

5.       San Francisco Giants (MLB)

6.       Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

7.       Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

8.       Texas Rangers (MLB)

9.       New York Jets (NFL)

10.   Minnesota Vikings (NFL)

List courtesy of Bing