Mothers Day, Baseball, And A RotoExperts Exclusive Interview With Andrew McCutchen (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

In case you haven’t heard, Major League Baseball is banning the pink bats so often used on mother’s day as homage to the women that care for us. Why? They don’t have a Louisville Slugger logo on them. Good point, Selig. Turning a blind eye to steroids and fatal diseases. Bravo!

The league tip-toed around the issue, releasing a statement clarifying that, “pink bats made by other companies can be used on Sunday as long the manufacturer makes a “modest donation” to the [Susan B.] Komen foundation.” Better, but come on, it’s one day.

“Seriously disgusted that a company would block awareness for Breast Cancer research so their brand can stand out,” Twins third baseman Trevor Plouffe tweeted Friday. Plouffe’s mother is a breast cancer survivor.

On the bright side, baseball is running a promotion that exchanges bat boys for bat girls today. The ball girls are voted in by fans and players, like Andrew McCutchen, as part of the league’s commitment to raising breast cancer awareness (despite the whole bat drama.) Not only does McCutchen have eight four-hit games since 2012 (most in the majors), but he’s a good dude.

Here RotoExperts Scott Engel sits down with the Pittsburgh Pirates MVP-in-the-making to talk about his recent upturn after a cold April, enshirement on the cover of MLB13: The Show, and much more in this exclusive interview.

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Photo via, H/T Washington Post