No, Mr. Met Is Not At The MLB Winter Meetings

  • Dylan Murphy

Earlier this morning, this tweet from Amy K. Nelson caught our eye:

Mostly because, why is Mr. Met at the winter meetings? Though their entire operation is merely a caricature of a franchise, so they would totally send a mascot in place of management. But also because, who the hell is afraid of mascots? Still, We wanted to investigate.

It turns out that David Brown of Big League Stew did some on-scene detective work of his own, capturing the elusive possibly-Mr. Met on video and addressing him as such. Except then the camera pans from the mascot’s head to chest, revealing the word “Miracle” on his jersey.

So it wasn’t Mr. Met, as it turns out. Then who was this faux-Mr. Met, exactly?

Via Big League Stew:

“But no, (s)he is Homer, the mascot for the Miracle League of North Alabama, an organization that builds playgrounds enabling kids and young adults with special needs to play baseball. Now, how cool is that?”

An upgrade, we think. Because Mr. Met brings up disturbing memories of recent financial mismanagement and other Met gaffes.

[Big League Stew]