Neil Walker Loses Bet, Jumps Into Chase Field Pool Before Game (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

The Pirates are in the middle of a four-game series against Arizona on the road. Neil Walker hit a homer in the first game of the series that went out to right center. Walker started bragging to teammates that he smacked a dinger into the Chase Field pool, but shortstop Jordy Mercer disagreed and made a little wager with his teammate on where the ball landed.

If Mercer was right, Walker had to jump into the Chase Field pool before Friday’s game. Presumably, the opposite would have happened if the ball did indeed land in the pool. Mercer dragged Walker to the team’s video guy and sure enough, the ball did not find water, landing close to the pool but not in it.

Walker is a man of his word, and so we get to watch a video of the events unfolding:

The best part of this incident is that Mercer is nonchalantly leaning over the outfield wall at the end, paying no attention to his soaking wet teammate as he enjoys the spoils of his bet victory.