Never Forget: Klay Thompson Wore A Dodgers Hat At A Giants Home Game

  • Rick Chandler

If you’re wondering why Klay Thompson’s dad fanned the flames in the NBA Finals by calling LeBron James “a crybaby” today, it could be because in this family blood is thicker than common sense. Mychal Thompson was obviously sticking up for his kid and his kid’s team, but one has to wonder if poking LeBron with a stick is the wisest move right now, from the Warriors’ point of view.

Lethargic, somewhat distracted LeBron is what’s best for Golden State in Game 5 (tonight, sans Draymond Green, 6 p.m. PST, ABC, WatchESPN). But that’s not likely to happen now, what with all the chirping that’s been going on the past two days.

Of course the Warriors will be uber-motivated as well. But to illustrate the point that the Thompsons are a close-knit clan, just look above. This screen grab is from the Giants-Dodgers game on Saturday.

Of course Klay was supporting his brother, Trayce Thompson, who plays outfield for Los Angeles. Saturday’s game went 12 innings, with San Francisco prevailing 5-4.

About the only thing in the Bay Area right now that could get a member of the Warriors booed is what you see above. Go ahead and support your brother, Klay. But wearing a Dodgers hat in SF’s home yard? That’s not just blasphemy, that’s contrary to the laws of science and nature. Yes, Klay got booed at home two days before a potentially NBA title-clinching Game 5. If he doesn’t understand ancient time-honored Bay Area history and loyalties now, he never will. Hope he didn’t jinx things.

Somewhat mitigating the shameful situation was this below: Steve Kerr stuck out the entire 12 innings, even when SF fell behind 4-3 in the top of the ninth. And when the Giants scored the winning run on Buster Posey’s single, here was the scene: