The John Krasinski-Alec Baldwin/Yankees-Red Sox Saga Ends With An Accident

  • Glenn Davis

And now, we’ve reached the end. We’ve been on a journey this baseball season, a journey with John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin where we explore the depths of humanity to which an intense rivalry such as Yankees-Red Sox will make us sink…oh, and sell New Era® athletic apparel. We’ve seen verbal threats. We’ve seen physical violence. We’ve even seen reckless destruction of one’s personal property. What would we see in the recently-leaked sixth – and final – installment? Well…a leak.

You know, we wondered after the completely insane last ad how the final one could possibly top it. It appears the creative team behind the ad made a wise move and didn’t try. Yes, in the vein of so many other great works of high art, the most intense action came in the penultimate chapter, leaving the last for peeing oneself. This isn’t to say we didn’t enjoy this one, however. For example, the line separating Krasinski’s and Baldwin’s halves of the room was a nice touch. Plus, there was a Baldwin brothers joke. You know what sucks about a Baldwin brothers joke? Nothing!

And, of course, the peeing. That means, over the course of these six ads, Baldwin has defiled the homes of both characters, albeit in a much lower-key way this time. And considering his actions in the last ad led us to investigate whether they could possibly constitute an act of terrorism (thankfully, we concluded they couldn’t), that’s probably a good thing. Really, these ads in general were a good thing. Nice work, New Era: now, we fully expect another series like this next year.