New York Post Unleashes Classic Cover Following Yankees Sweep

  • Glenn Davis

It wasn’t just that the Yankees lost to the Tigers in the ALCS. It wasn’t even just that they were swept out of a postseason series for the first time in over three decades. It was how it happened. This was a complete meltdown at the plate. They scored two runs combined in the final three games. They got 11 hits combined in those three games.

It was the kind of collapse Yankee haters had to love (even if, in the case of Red Sox fans, it was just a temporary distraction from their team’s far greater ills). Combined with A-Rod’s latest attempt to make everyone hate him even more and the fact that they’re the Yankees and have a permanent target on their backs, teams don’t get a whole lot easier to make fun of than the team the Yanks trotted out on to the field against the Tigers. And as you know, the New York Post likes to make fun of things. So with the Yanks’ futile ALCS showing mercifully over, the Post decided it was time to get real Post-y:

One: brilliant work, Post. One of your best in a while. Two: alas, A-Rod’s flirting attempt was (reportedly) a bit more successful than the Post preferred to imagine it. Three: how did New Yorkers manage to write so cleanly over the seams?!

Let’s be real here for a second, though. New York fans are a demanding group, yes, and much will be made of the Yanks’ poor playoff performance. But are they so demanding that if, say, Nick Swisher (.167 average for the playoffs this season) tried to pick up a girl at an area bar, he’d be rejected due to his lack of performance? Read this and decide.

Photo via Newseum