TV Reporter At World Series: There’s “People Smoking Weed Over There!” (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

This is Newy Scruggs. He’s an NBC sports reporter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And when reporting from right outside San Francisco’s AT&T Park yesterday, he caught a whiff of what some people near him (but off camera) were doing. And he didn’t hesitate in letting the audience know all about it.

Just as it seemed he was about to launch into a World-Series-related story (he was right outside the stadium where it’s being played, after all): “I can tell you – right over there…there’s some people smoking weed…I’m like [sniffs] ‘That’s not cigarettes, that’s weed. [points at camera] That’s weed!'”

Amazingly, as out-of-control as this sounds, it wasn’t. It was funny, because let’s face it – he’s talking about people smoking weed on a news report. But he has a charisma about him that somehow made it work. Then, some Giants fans danced for the camera. Scruggs also complimented the people of San Francisco for being good-natured: “People smoking weed over there – they don’t care!”

Eventually, he talked about McCovey Cove (where he was standing) and how nice AT&T Park is. But it all kept coming back to people smoking weed. And it wasn’t even a train wreck. For pulling that, as well as the nickname “Newdawg,” off, Scruggs is our newest broadcasting hero.

UPDATE: Newy is back, still talking about people smoking weed, and just generally in top form.

[“They’re Smoking Weed!”] NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

[H/T Hypervocal via Jason McIntyre]