No, Ben Revere, Philadelphia Is Not Famous For Its Cheesecakes

  • Dylan Murphy

Oh, God, Ben Revere. You won’t be able to recover from this one. Doug Glanville tossed you a softball, asking you what you were looking forward to getting in Philadelphia. And you said “a cheesecake.” And then you laughed. One of the guys! Just a regular Philadelphian, eating your cheesecake. Because people eat entire cheesecakes.

Then you said it again. CheeseCAKE. And that means you actually went to Philadelphia seeking a cheesecake, which might be the real bit of comedy in all of this. Glanville tried to rib you for it, but you either brushed it off or still didn’t get it. So, on behalf of common sense. It’s a Philly cheesesteak. STEAK.

Yeah, yeah, we know you’re sorry:

And you should really know this, because you’ve already dabbled in cheesesteak before. Though improperly, might we add, because you ordered a chicken cheesesteak. With lettuce and tomato. What the hell is that?

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