Nobody Was Elected To The Baseball Hall Of Fame. Controversy!

  • Dylan Murphy

This year’s baseball Hall of Fame vote was a controversial one, with a number of suspected and/or confirmed PED users on the ballot. It was supposed to be A Moment In History, when the baseball writers of America draw a line in the sand concerning steroids.

Well the line has been drawn, and PED users were kept out. But so was everyone else, with Craig Biggio coming the closest to the 75% of the vote needed for enshrinement. From

Alright, internet, do your thing. Just don’t yell. Yelling is not fun.

UPDATE (2:45): Our own Jordan Rabinowitz, who moonlights as SportsGrid’s personal crackerjack merchant, forwards along this statement from MLB on the Hall of Fame vote:

“Major League Baseball recognizes that election to the Hall of Fame is our game’s most extraordinary individual honor. Achieving enshrinement in Cooperstown is difficult, as it should be, and there have been seven other years when no one was elected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. While this year did not produce an electee, there are many worthy candidates who will merit consideration in the future. We respect both the longstanding process that the Hall of Fame has in place and the role of the BBWAA, whose members have voted in the Hall of Fame’s elections since 1936.”