Nolan Ryan Beats Out Mark Cuban For Texas Rangers: MLB Rejoices, Casual Fans Mourn

  • Glenn Davis

Texas Rangers president/pitching legend Nolan Ryan is now Texas Rangers owner Nolan Ryan, thanks to a successful bid at the team’s bizarre bankruptcy auction that finally ended early this morning. And while those in the courtroom responded enthusiastically to the news, the same can’t be said for many less die-hard fans of the game.

That’s because Ryan’s main competition for the team was led by rebel Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. While how Cuban would fare as a baseball owner is anyone’s guess, there’s no question his mere presence would spice up the game – and that would have been just fine with SBNation’s Mike Prada:

Sure, Cuban is annoying and a bit full of himself, and sure, he’s not exactly a baseball guy. But as an NBA fan, I can tell you that Mark Cuban, without fail, makes my favorite sport much more interesting to follow. He’s not afraid to speak his mind about anything, whether it’s officiating, other teams or his own players, and while he’s certainly no choir boy, it’s long past time for an anti-establishment owner to join the baseball fray.

The rub: while Cuban would have brought the Rangers more attention than anything since the A-Rod signing, Ryan is probably the best bet from a winning standpoint. Unlike Cuban, he’s a baseball guy all the way, he has deep ties to the franchise from both his playing days and current front office role, and the team’s upward-trending record since he took over as team president in 2008 suggests he’s committed to helping GM Jon Daniels do whatever it takes to win.

Cuban, on the other hand, would have run his mouth and gotten fined a lot. Plus, can he really replicate his Mavericks passion? This move would have required dividing his love and attention, which we have to assume is a difficult task for someone like Cuban. (We should, however, note that Cuban deserves credit for accepting defeat in the bidding gracefully, tweeting this and quietly exiting the courtroom after losing the bidding, ceding the moment.)

So yes, it would have been fun to see Mark Cuban in the role of MLB owner, and maybe his presence would won the Rangers some new fans. But it’ll be more fun for current Rangers fans to see a winning team. That’s what they are right now, and with Ryan at the top, they should stay that way.

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