Now The A-Rod Grocery In Brooklyn Will Change Its Name, Says Owner

  • Rick Chandler

You know what they say: once you lose the grocery stores, you lose the people. Here we have A-Rod Grocery, a small bodega in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood. Once popular among the locals, it has now, sadly, become a Little Shop of Horrors, thanks to Alex Rodriguez’s suspension for PEDs.

Its owner, Ricardo Rodriguez, told Spanish-language newspaper El Diario that it’s ball been too much.

“We are thinking of changing the name, because the outcry from neighbors is intolerable,” said Rodriguez, who is not related to the player, in a quote translated by The Huffington Post. “It’s been 12 years that the bodega has been called A-Rod, in those times the batter was the pride of all Dominican fans, no one imagined the downfall of ‘The Ace.’”

Yelp review: Where else can you go and get a sandwich, a Snapple, and a PS3 Controller, or a Wireless Mouse, or a Wii game!

Where else indeed?

So they’re going to need a new name. May I suggest the Lyle Overbay Mart?

Photo: Dave Cook.

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