Watch Nyjer Morgan/Tony Plush Put The Brewers In The NLCS, Celebrate Profanely

  • Glenn Davis

It took longer than it looked like it would after they took a 2-0 NLDS lead over the Diamondbacks, but the Milwaukee Brewers are going to play for the National League pennant. And they did advanced in thrilling fashion – a 3-2, extra-inning, Game 5 win punctuated by an RBI single from the Brewers’ most renowned character, outfielder Nyjer Morgan (or as you might know him, Tony Plush).

Best of all, not only did Morgan/Plush give us a great playoff moment with his winning hit, he also gave us a great/terrible TV moment by clearly cursing on live television more than once after his triumphant moment. Seriously, TBS is probably less than thrilled with his postgame comportment. Us, on the other hand? We’re delighted. You do you, Nyjer/Tony…quite possibly all the way to the World Series.