Okay, Fine, This Gentleman Named 'Fat Jew' Is Actually A Pretty Great Mets Fan

  • Eric Goldschein

fat jewI’m not a super big fan of social media sensation “Fat Jew,” who recently became a correspondent for VICE Sports, because I don’t understand him and I fear things I don’t understand. Like, he’s gross, but cool? He is well-spoken, but posts a bunch of memes on his Instagram and gets paid for it?

Other than the fact that he also goes by “Fatrick Jewing,” which is amazing, I don’t want to know more about him.

But… this video of him hanging outside Citi Field before a Mets game is excellent. He’s a great Mets fan: He recognizes that he’s not a “Mets fan by choice,” he appreciated Shea Stadium because he got a handjob in the bathroom once, and he respects Yankees like Paul O’Neil, because O’Neil probably had sex with chicks named Melissa at a Marriott in San Diego in the ’90s.

This dude is weird, but he’s a legit Mets fan, which is to say, he’s weird. Watch:

More of this kind of stuff, Fat Jew. Thanks.