According To The Internet, The Baltimore Orioles Have The Best Uniform In The Major Leagues

  • Eric Goldschein

In what can only be described as the most success the Baltimore Orioles have achieved in some time, the team’s uniforms were named the league’s best in an bracket. The Orioles were a mere 13-seed — on the American League side. That means Jim Caple and company considered the Orioles uniforms the 25th or 26th best in the league when this tournament began.

As a 13-seed, the Orioles were the upset pick in every round. They beat out favorites like the Astros, Royals, Yankees and eventually the overall number one seed, the Cardinals.

Just to recap, here is their full lineup of jerseys, including two alternates:

Unlike Caple, I think the cap — featuring what looks like a duck but is supposedly an Oriole? — is quite nice. But is this really the best uniform in the majors? We’d love your thoughts in the comments.

Hed photo via Getty