If Hostess Really Does Shut Down, This Orioles Pitching Prospect Who Eats Four Mini-Doughnuts Between Each Inning Is Totally Screwed

  • Dylan Murphy

Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Kevin Gausman is a man of superstition. Besides subscribing to the normal do-this-tie-that-step-there ritual, he has some mid-game quirks as well. Okay so really it’s just snacking on delicious Hostess “donettes,” which are mini powdered doughnuts. But this snacking is a systematic demolition, specifically four donettes between each inning. That’s 32 donettes per game, for those of you counting at home. Extra innings must be particularly delightful.

In other, related news, Hostess is going out of business. The sports world is not happy about this. As you might imagine, this group of disheartened Hostess loyalists includes Gausman, whose game ritual is about to be torn to pieces by BIG BUSINESS. Damn you, corporate America.

But wait! There might be hope yet. Apparently a judge has ordered mediation between Hostess and the Bakers Union, so one weird baseball superstition might not be lost forever. Because as far as baseball superstitions go, this one probably takes the doughnut.

Also of note, this Gausman scouting report:

Body (6-4, 190): Extremely long and lean. Very long legs, shorter torso and long arms. Moderate shoulder width with some taper to the waist. Plenty of room for additional strength/mass as he matures. Good athlete, well-coordinated, runs well.”

Wait, what? Only if that diet worked for Pablo Sandoval.

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