Over 1.5 Billion People Have Been Born Since The Pirates Last Had A .500 Season — Here Are 7 Famous Ones

  • Eric Goldschein

snider pinch hit homer

Thanks to a ninth-inning pinch-hit home run by Travis Snider (not to mention an entire season of good baseball), the Pittsburgh Pirates clinched their first non-losing season in 20 years last night against the Brewers. Going that long without at least hitting .500 was the longest such streak in North American pro sports. It’s hard to imagine that a team could be that bad, for so long, in a sports crazy town like Pittsburgh, but so it was.

Think about it: Since 1993, roughly 1.58 billion people have been born on planet Earth. That means 1.58 billion people have existed without ever thinking of the Pirates as a quality baseball team.

A short list of people who weren’t even alive when the Pirates were relevant:

1. Andrew Wiggins (18).

2. Arya from Game of Thrones (16).

3. Bryce Harper (20), who was born two days after the 1992 season ended for the Pirates in an NLCS loss against the Braves.

4. Victoria Duval (17).

5. Jameis Winston (18).

6. Missy Franklin (18).

7. Sophie Turner… from Game of Thrones (17).

BONUS: Kate Upton, who was born in June 1992 and just barely misses the cut, but, come on.

Snider photo via Getty