Ozzie Guillen Took A Foul Ball To The Face, And Then Ranted His Little Heart Out

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had a terrible, awful, no good, very bad Wednesday night.

It wasn’t just the sight of his struggling Chicago White Sox losing in 11 innings to the Kansas City Royals. It wasn’t just the fact that the loss occurred on a wild pitch.

In addition to both of those things, poor Ozzie took a foul ball to the face in the eighth inning, forcing him to watch the remainder of the action through his one functioning eye. Which, in the end, was probably for the better. See below:

All in all, it was a painful evening for just about everyone involved. And in typical Ozzie fashion, he had a few choice remarks for reporters following his team’s uninspired performance:

In between the two dozen or so bleeps, we managed to deduce that, per Ozzie’s logic, if the Sox go to Cleveland this weekend and play the way they did in Kansas City, it’s going to be a long month of July. And if they play that way against New York, Boston and other high-caliber teams, well, they’re pretty much screwed.

[h/t Big League Stew]