Pablo Sandoval Does Remarkably Athletic Thing For A Fat Guy (Video)

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

They don’t call Pablo Sandoval the Kung Fu Panda for nothing. They do it because he’s chubby, you know, like a panda. But about that kung fu part, well, you’ll just have to watch this video of him bending over backwards to save a foul pop and flipping it up to a diving Brandon Crawford in order to record the out.

I don’t know whether to be impressed by Sandoval’s ability to salvage the play in such dramatic, over-the-top fashion, or disappointed by his original misplay on the ball (my grudge towards him starting the All-Star Game over David Wright having nothing everything to do with it).

Aww, what the hell, this was pretty sweet. Sandoval and Crawford went Misty May/Kerri Walsh on this ball and we all emerge victorious. Except the Astros, but they never do, so it’s alright.