Pablo Sandoval Has Tied The Record For Most Home Runs In A World Series Game

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

World Series. Game 1. Can ya dig it baby? The 108th Fall Classic is here, and with the Detroit Tigers taking on the San Francisco Giants, it’s bound to be, well, a series where some guys play baseball.

No, I kid! I kid! There’s a lot of intrigue and enough storylines to go around. Miguel Cabrera is the fourth straight Triple Crown winner to make the Series. Justin Verlander and Barry Zito are only the fourth World Series pitching matchup of former Cy Youngs. The Giants are going for their second title in three years, the Tigers their first in almost 30.

So there promises to be a lot of action right? I mean, besides Brian Wilson using Matt Cain’s head as a bongo?

Here’s your action: Pablo Sandoval has hit a record-tying three home runs, needing only the first five innings to do so. Guys who have done it before? Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols. Not shabby company.

So much for that Verlander guy, right? The Kung-Fu Panda struck in the first, third (both off Verlander), and fifth innings, of the solo, two-run, and solo variety respectively.

Lest you forget, this is the same Pablo Sandoval who knocked Justin Verlander around for a bases-clearing triple in the All-Star Game, in a weird way ensuring that his team would get home field advantage in the World Series over Verlander’s Tigers. In fact, Verlander and Matt Cain both started the All-Star Game, with the Giants accounting for the NL’s go-ahead runs. So long as you forget about that erm, coughMelkycough, this whole home-field advantage thing worked out pretty well for Major League Baseball.

On the other side, Barry Zito is throwing pretty well. Hell, he drove in a run with an RBI single to left field. Off of Justin Verlander, may I remind you, who lasted just four innings. The Tigers could be in for a long series if JV is playing at the jayvee level. But this night just became about Pablo Sandoval. The Panda is making history, friends. Maybe you should watch.

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