Two Former MLB Stars Had Drunken Run-Ins Involving Females This Weekend. One Went Well, The Other Did Not.

  • Sarah Devlin

Chuck Knoblauch and Pat Burrell both had epic nights out recently. But that’s where the similarities end.

According to Crossing Broad:

Pat Burrell was out and about this weekend. On Friday night, he was seen at his favorite haunt, the Irish Pub. He was later with Chase Utley at The Cafe (right next to the Irish Pub), according to’s Dan Gross. Then, as first reported here, he was seen dancing shirtless at the Pen and Pencil Club until around 3 a.m., when he left with a “mediocre looking brunette,” according to one tipster. Chase Utley and his wife were also with Burrell at the after-hours club. Deadspin unearthed an additional detail about that night: Burrell rung up a $158 tab and didn’t leave a tip.

Maybe not the classiest night in history, but it seems like a good time was had by all (excluding, presumably, the poor bartender at the Pen and Pencil Club).

Chuck Knoblauch had a different sort of evening.

From You Taste Like Nachos, by way of Deadspin:

Sunday evening around 10 p.m., a visibly intoxicated man got on the [G] train and immediately sat across from us and asked if we were “Irish or Scottish”…He then asked us if we lived here and my friend told him she was visiting from Boston and he made a disgusted face then said, “I’ve played at Fenway a few times”…

Then he asked us if we were married and explained that he was recently divorced. He said we could come hang out with him but that we’d have to wait for him to change before we went out. No thanks. Then he said, “I’m more attractive than you” and then corrected himself and told my friend, “No, that’s not what I meant. I meant I’m more attracted to you than to you (pointing to me).” We escaped very quickly when the train got to our stop.

Of course it was the G train. Also, you know you’ve had a bad night when, in comparison to the boob-grabbing, shirtless dancing debauchery of Pat Burrell, you come off looking like the creepy one (although it sounded, by all indications, that the attention Burrell was giving was reciprocated). Hopefully Knoblauch’s night got a bit better from there, though given that he was apparently trying to go to 171st Street on the G train (which does not go into Manhattan), it seems doubtful.

[H/t Crossing Broad, Deadspin]