Pete Rose’s Local TV Ad Is One Of The Best/Worst Local TV Ads We’ve Had The Pleasure Of Seeing In Some Time

  • Glenn Davis

This video was posted to Youtube a month ago, but it’s only listed as having a couple hundred views at the moment, so it flew way under the radar. And that is a damn shame. It came to our attention today via HardballTalk, and it involves Pete Rose and ladyfriend (you know, this woman, the one with whom he did that reality show) trying to help Cincinnati furniture purveyor Muenchen’s sell off some reasonably-priced wares. Will they succeed? Well, with a sales pitch like this, how couldn’t they?

“Wow! We’ll take it all!” And I will take all of this commercial, and more. Any way we can just make every commercial be for Muenchen’s Furniture and star Pete Rose (or, failing that just star Pete Rose)? Well, we’re on our way: he filmed another ad for them too:

His performance in that one was better, though – which, needless to say, was a disappointment. I demand my Pete Rose commercials be terrible and feature disinterested performances so wooden that Rose might as well be a piece of furniture himself. And in that ad with Kiana, he delivered. More commercials like that, please. I just have to have them.