Pete Rose, Fashion Maven, Takes In A Reds Game With His Playboy Model Girlfriend

  • Dan Fogarty

This is Pete Rose at last night’s Reds/Nationals game, watching pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg whilst on a date with his girlfriend, Playboy model Kiana Kim.

If you’ll recall, Rose and Kim were guests on the Howard Stern show back in March, and it was here where Pete decided to grossly detail the couple’s sex life. Since then, Pete has taken every opportunity to show off his significant other in public places. Last night was no exception.

But rather than Rose’s arm candy stealing the show, it was what he was wearing on his head that was most striking to us.

There are a number of things wrong with this hat. For one, the outsized logo design is made for rappers, not 69 year-old Charlie Hustle. Also, Rose’s head is simply too large to wear a baseball hat recreationally. Although I share the same affliction (large head) I simply can’t back Pete on this one.

Photo via Big League Stew