Pete Rose Is Very Upset That His Fiancée Has Smaller Breasts Now

  • Dylan Murphy

The 71-year-old Pete Rose needs ways to pass the time these days. Over the summer, Grantland released a short film revealing his ventures signing autographs on various memorabilia in Vegas. The whole affair was kind of depressing, a legend of baseball relegated to some corner store while an employee yells at passersby to stop in.

But Rose does have one other thing going for him: a reality TV show. On Monday night, Rose, Playboy model/fiancée Kiana Kim and her two children, daughter Cassie and son Ashton, will venture into the world of reality TV as the premiere episode of “Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs.” debuts on TLC. The show will track their lives, reality TV style, as well as the couple’s upcoming wedding. But there’s also a bigger (smaller?) issue at play, namely Kiana’s recent breast reduction.

Via Yahoo!:

“He leans toward Kiana and asks, ‘What do we call those things, ‘His and Hers’?’

‘Huh?’ she says.

He drops his eyes.

‘Oh, ‘The Sisters?” Uppercase, proper noun-like.

Pete nods. Seems Kiana had breast reduction surgery five months ago and it didn’t sit well with the new old man.

‘I was used to them for 4 ½ years,’ Pete pleads, ‘and all of a sudden we aren’t going to have them no more.’

He sighs.

‘It’s no problem,’ he continues sadly. ‘She’s still bigger than most girls.’

She rolls her eyes playfully. Cassie stares into her iPhone. The elderly lady across the table tries desperately to hold her smile.

‘Like I was taking candy from him,’ Kiana says. ‘He was really upset. Now he’s used to it. He maybe forgets.'”

Because for Pete Rose, it’s always about being more, bigger and better.