Pete Rose Urges A-Rod To Come Clean, Says He Needs ‘A Pat On The Ass Every Damn Time’

  • Rick Chandler

A 211-game suspension doesn’t seem so bad to a guy who’s been banned for life. Pete Rose hasn’t been in baseball’s good graces since before Rob Gronkowski was born, and it took him 14 years after he was banned from the game to admit that he’d bet on baseball.

Speaking to USA Today on Tuesday, Rose had advice for Alex Rodriguez, who received a season-plus ban for drug naughtiness on Monday. The ban is supposed to begin on Thursday, but Rodriguez said he will appeal.


“We have to get these people to understand that if you make mistakes, people will forgive you if you come forward. Don’t do like I did. Don’t do like [Ryan] Braun did. Don’t do like A-Rod did.”

That’s pretty much what Rose said on ESPN Radio on July 26, except not as good:

“All the texts I had with A-Rod, and I got a lot of them from him and I texted him back, they were all about his confidence,” Rose told host Colin Cowherd. “For a guy making $25 [million], $27 million a year, hitting 50 home runs, knocking in 120 runs, hitting .300, I never seen a guy that was so lack of confidence like he was. All he needs someone to do is pat him on the ass every damn time, [say] how good he is or how good he was.”

Actually that could explain a lot. A lot of baseball’s steroid users are insecure, needy people: Barry Bonds was like that. Likewise Mark McGwire, when he was with the A’s.

Photos: Getty Images.