These Photos Of Otis Nixon Only 14 Years Apart Remind Us Drugs Are A Bitch

  • Rick Chandler

Otis Nixon stole six bases in one game in 1991, tying the modern Major League record, and swiped 72 for that season, a Braves’ team record. ’91 isn’t that long ago … but as the say, it ain’t the years, it’s the mileage. These photos are of Nixon in 1999, age 40 with the Braves, and his mugshot from this past Saturday, after he was arrested for allegedly possessing cocaine and a crack pipe following a traffic stop in suburban Georgia. Nixon is 54 years old, but damn, that’s some hard living reflected in that photo. Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Nixon, 54, had a crack pipe in his pocket and a crack rock in his vehicle when he was stopped on I-575 early Saturday, according to a Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office reported obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Inside Nixon’s truck, investigators found a small rock substance believed to be crack cocaine, the report states. Nixon also had a crack pipe in his pants’ pockets, deputies said.

“Otis admitted to me that the substance was crack cocaine but it didn’t belong to him,” a deputy wrote in the report. “Otis said the crack cocaine and the pipe belonged to his son.”

During a search of the truck, investigators found an additional crack pipe, more suspected crack rocks and a plastic bag containing suspected cocaine residue in the floor board of the driver’s side, the sheriff’s office said.

Of course Indians and Braves fans don’t have to be reminded that Nixon battled drug demons for most of his career. He was first arrested on drug charges in 1987, and attended cocaine rehab. He missed the 1991 World Series after failing a drug test in Sept., and drawing a 60-day suspension. His problems followed him post-retirement — in 2004 he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in an incident in which he threatened his bodyguard with a knife.

In recent years he has taken to the lecture circuit to talk of his battle with drug addiction, and helped establish the Otis Nixon Foundation to help people transition from the penal system back into society. But this seems to be a major setback: and the fact that he allegedly claimed that the drugs found in his vehicle belonged to his son, well, that doesn’t sound good either.

The police did perform a field sobriety test and found that Nixon wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time he was stopped, so that’s good. Maybe he didn’t relapse. Let’s hope that’s the case.

Photos: Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.