Pink Stitching? Pink Stitching. Has MLB Jumped The Shark With Mother’s Day Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts?

  • Rick Chandler

So Major League Baseball announced today that this will be the official ball used on Mother’s Day, part of its annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The pink stitched baseballs will be in addition to the pink bats, gloves, cleats, etc. used on that day.

My first reaction on seeing this was: cool, I want one. But it seems that everyone isn’t in the same boat. For the first time I’m starting to hear/see some grumbling from women on the annual one-day pinkout. What’s to not like about a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, you might ask? Some seem to be becoming annoyed with all the pink for a couple of reasons.

No. 1: The automatic assumption by MLB (and the NFL for that matter) that pink = female. Some women I know don’t like pink. Does maleness have a corresponding color?

No. 2: If we’re not aware of breast cancer by now, what’s it going to take? Yes, breast cancer awareness. We’re aware.

No. 3: Some say that the Susan B. Komen Foundation, which partners with MLB each year on Mother’s Day, is focused too much on trying to find cures rather than on what causes breast cancer. Plus, the foundation’s founder, Nancy Brinker, is under fire for cutting funding to Planned Parenthood due to pressure from Catholic bishops. Some are calling for her to step down.


Anyway, a few Twitter examples:

One cool thing that MLB is doing this year is bringing in 30 honorary bat girls, all of whom have stories of breast cancer survival.