PLEASE CLAP: Derek Jeter & Jeb Bush Just Bought The Miami Marlins

PLEASE CLAP: Derek Jeter & Jeb Bush Just Bought The Miami Marlins
  • Tanya Ray Fox

Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that the ownership group led by beloved Yankees legend Derek Jeter and former Florida governor Jeb Bush has won the auction to purchase the Miami Marlins.

Although no reports have confirmed a purchase price, Forbes values the franchise at $940 million – a steep markup from the $158 million that art dealer Jeff Loria paid for the team in 2002. Recent reports have priced the sale at over $1 billion.

Other bidders were Quogue Capital LLC founder Wayne Rothbaum, and another buyer group led by Tagg Romney son of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Apparently a failed presidential campaign is just the thing to motivate people to buy a Miami baseball team.

Upon the finalizing of a deal, 75 percent of the current MLB owners will need to approve the ownership change – an approval that is all but inevitable considering the fact that the professional baseball community treats Jeter like a mythical deity. Plus, Jeter has been planning this since his retirement in 2014 and would surely never go this far with a bid if he weren’t secure in the league’s support.


“My aspirations are a little bigger, in terms of the ownership side of things,” Jeter said in November of 2016. “I’m trying to learn. I got away from the game for a while. I didn’t watch. This year I saw a few more games than in the past, but I still haven’t sat down and focused on watching baseball.”

The same can be said for Bush, whose brother – President George W. Bush – owned the Texas Rangers for five years before being elected governor of Texas. There really isn’t a more potent ownership marriage than a loaded, first-ballot Hall of Famer and a member of the Republican Party’s royal family.

And yes, of course there are plenty of jokes:

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