Podcast: Is It Kosher For Athletes To Flirt With Fans Mid-Game?

  • Dylan Murphy

In episode #8, we flirt with mid-game flirting, decide whether Beyonce tickles our fancy for a Super Bowl performance, and attempt to debunk the annoying myth that people actually watch NASCAR. They don’t, right?

We talk about other things, too, including Argo and whether the Justin Verlander (age 29)-Kate Upton (age 20) relationship is super creepy or super awesome, but it’s generally hard to pin down our nonsensical ramblings. But take a listen anyway, won’t you?

Don’t forget to email questions to mailbag@sportsgrid.com, and we’ll answer them on the podcast. Dip into your humor satchel, if you wouldn’t mind.

Here’s podcast #8:

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Who’s on it:

L to R: Dan Fogarty, SportsGrid’s editor-in-chief and ashamed former MySpace user; Glenn Davis, SportsGrid senior editor, and a man who has never seen a Christopher Nolan Batman movie; Dylan Murphy, SportsGrid associate editor and speed-walking enthusiast.