Priced To Move: Chipper Jones Selling 4,500-Sq.-Ft. Mansion, With Car Stables, For Only $3.2 Million

  • Rick Chandler

Why am I sure that there is hay in these garages? Retired Braves’ third baseman Chipper Jones is selling his Heatherwood Ct., Roswell, GA mansion. Main feature? It has seven bedrooms — and 11 bathrooms. Asking price is $3,195,000, which is about $1.2 million less than what he paid for it in 2005.

No alligator moat, however.

Let’s take the tour:


Why is he ditching this home? Well, besides the fact that the housing market in Roswell seems to be on the downward spiral, Chipper doesn’t really need the room. He’s recently divorced (Sharon Logonov), and is now living with ex-Playboy model Taylor Higgins, aka Lexi Ray Taylor. Let’s take the tour:

So the above begs the question: what the hell is Chipper doing on the Internet?