Prince Fielder Legging Out A Triple Synced Up To Tim McCarver Reading ‘Enter Sandman’ Lyrics Is Internet Gold

  • Eric Goldschein

prince fielder never ever land

We like to give Deadspin a hard time occasionally, but more often than not we have to sit back and say, damn, that’s some good work, fellas. The Manti Te’o story is one example of that. This video, in which Prince Fielder’s 9th inning triple (in itself an amazing feat) is synced up with Tim McCarver reciting “Enter Sandman” lyrics, is another.

The video was created by former SportsGrid’er and, as far as we’re concerned, Internet hero Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) at the suggestion of Reuben Poling. Some outlets are reporting that these two events (the triple and the reading) happened simultaneously, but that wasn’t the case. It was simply a genius bit of Internet-ing.

Here’s a YouTube version:

Amazing. Can we get some more of these, please?

Photo via Getty