Prince Fielder Stole A Fan’s Nacho

  • Eric Goldschein

In today’s game between the Tigers and Mariners, Prince Fielder tried to field a pop-up in foul territory but was unable to leg it out in time. He found himself by the seats along the first base line and was confronted with a big plate of nachos being held by a fan.

You can’t put a big plate of nachos in front of a big guy like Prince Fielder — especially after he expended probably 6,000 calories running after a ball — and expect him not to do something about it.

So he helped himself to a chip.

It’s pretty much everything good about America and baseball in one clip. Video via @kevinfillmore:

That’s home-field advantage for you.

UPDATE: Apparently Fielder isn’t the first first baseman to do this, as Don Mattingly attempted the “eat fans’ food” play 21-years ago on September 16th, 1992, with some kid’s popcorn.

[h/t Marly, Sean G]