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The Man Who Captured Muammar Gaddafi Was Wearing A Yankees Cap

  • Glenn Davis

The biggest world news of the morning: former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was captured and reportedly killed by rebel fighters. Though the Gaddafi regime was already effectively over, his death is still a momentous event considering the power he wielded over the nation for four decades. We’re not here to talk about the implications of Gaddafi’s death, though: we’re here to talk about the guy credited with capturing him, Mohammed al-Bibi…and specifically, what he wore on his head:

Yes…a Yankees cap. A camo Yankees cap, it appears, but a Yankees cap all the same. Pretty good publicity (and of course, if there’s one thing the Yankees need, it’s publicity). Oh, and al-Bibi’s also brandishing a golden pistol he took from the former ruler – Gaddafi had a thing for golden guns, which is really a perfect crazy dictator quirk.

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You can see the video from which we took the above screengrab here, and below is a report on al-Bibi aired earlier today on BBC. We still can’t get over the Yankees cap – we didn’t exactly expect the Arab Spring to generate much of a sports angle, but here we are. Sure, the Yankees aren’t in the World Series, but one need look no further than al-Bibi’s head to see just how wide the team’s reach really is.