Quotes Of The Morning: Giancarlo Stanton And Bryce Harper Jest, Dickey Wins A Cy Young

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

You weren’t the only one to read about how pissed Giancarlo Stanton was about being left for dead Tuesday night. Bryce Harper saw it too and tried to recruit. It…didn’t turn out so great. Also, R.A. Dickey won a Cy Young. David Price won it too, but we don’t really care, do we? I mean, come on, Robert Allen Dickey. Enough said. So just read on and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Have a knucklin’ good day.

1. Interesting…

2. OH, SNAP!

3. Did David Price win a Cy Young too? Does it matter?

4. Oh look, he did!

5. Well don’t sound so enthusiastic.

How we’re feeling: Equinaphobic.

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