Rally Possum Returns To O.co Coliseum, Wins ‘Player Of The Game’ For A’s

  • Rick Chandler

Usually when your stadium is infested with marsupials, you call out for professional pest control. But Rally Possum has become a thing at the O.co Coliseum, with the A’s having adopted the glorified rodent and fans hoping to catch a glimpse of him. The possum (named Olmedo, according to its Twitter account) made another appearance for the A’s on Monday, but it wasn’t enough as the Orioles helped on for a 9-2 victory.

Rally possum had sparked the home team to at least two victories in 2014, however — including a walkoff win in extra innings vs. the Tampa Bay Rays. On Monday he appeared on the outfield wall,with Oakland trailing 8-1 in the eighth.

Rally Possum was then named Player of the Game, because of course he was.

In his previous appearance, Blue Jays players threw water at him, proving that Canada is a nation of monsters.