Rangers Fans Catch Ball, Don’t Realize Crying Child Wanted Ball, Become Public Enemy No. 1 And 1a

  • Glenn Davis

A crying baby/toddler/small child is a powerful force. It’s a force they need for survival – babies/toddlers/small children can’t really do anything for themselves, of course, so they have to make their needs known somehow – and they achieve it partly through pity. Let’s face it: not many things can make you feel worse than seeing a crying kid. They just look helpless, like their entire universes are crashing around them. You see a crying child, your inclination is to make sure they stop as quickly as possible, because it’s uncomfortable and sad for everyone.

And that’s why the Texas Rangers fans you’ll see below became so widely reviled, and so quickly. They didn’t appear to do anything wrong in obtaining the ball, exactly – though maybe it was meant for the kid – the parents didn’t seem mad, anyway. But to just (apparently) not realize that a crying child is there, and to just keep flaunting that ball, taking pictures with it, etc. – that’s rough, guys. Video via Jimmy Traina:

An angry Michael Kay is truly something to behold, people. (See here.) The rising level of indignation there was truly a vintage performance – as was his “There’s gonna be much worse to come, kids” line. Nothing about there being better days ahead: nope, all downhill. Just imagine if Kay had been the one “consoling” the sobbing kid: “You think this is bad, kid? Just wait until the people you love are cruelly taken from you as they succumb to the sands of time. Enjoy the rest of the game!”

Of course, for this kid, it did eventually get better: someone else tossed him a ball, which appeared to cheer him right up. So everyone involved gets a ball – but that couple gets some internet infamy to go along with it. You have to wonder what’ll go through their heads when they see how things went down (which they’ll have to, and probably have already, right?) – and how Kay tore them a new one.