America: Did This Man Share Chewing Tobacco With His Son At A Baseball Game?

  • Eric Goldschein

The announcers for the Rangers-White Sox game yesterday took time during their broadcast to illustrate one of the joys of baseball: a man taking his son to the game. A tried-and-true tradition that, in this case, ended with the father helping his son pack a lip of tobacco* and giving him an empty bottle to spit into. The moment was decidedly less cute after that.

The image was doubly adorable at first because the son is the “spitting” image of his father, as both of them were pretty hefty (or, as that’s known in Texas, “normal”) and wearing Rangers red. But what do you say when you see bad parenting on television? The same thing you do when you see it on the street: sit in stunned silence until another pitch is thrown, so, thankfully, you have something else to talk about.

To be fair, this moment could be taken completely out of context. Perhaps this guy is giving his son some chew so the boy can know first-hand how unpleasant and gross the practice truly is, which will dissuade him from partaking in the future (*or, as a commenter points out, maybe this is all more innocent than it looks and it’s actually chewing gum). Or maybe this is America, okay, and he can do what he wants, and if you don’t like it you can just get out! Freedom isn’t free unless a five-year-old can chew tobacco like any other god-fearing American. So unless you’re some kind of terrorist, shut it.

h/t Bob’s Blitz