Raw Sewage Spills Into A’s And Mariners’ Locker Rooms, Fortunately No Pictures Released

  • Ricky Boebel

A's locker room

After the A’s-Mariners game yesterday, both teams were greeted in their locker rooms by raw sewage leaking out of the Oakland Coliseum’s shower drains. Every beat writer at the ball park immediately snapped into sewage analyst mode:

The A’s were on a six-day home stand which contributed to the build-up in the coliseum’s pipes. Thankfully the team will be on the road for the next week which I believe is enough time condemn the ball park and build a new one.

The teams ended up showering together in the Oakland Raiders locker room that miraculously didn’t flood with sewage. You know, like how locker rooms usually work. The A’s also beat the Mariners 10-2 before the incident, which according to sports superstition means this has to be a tradition after every A’s win.

Somehow Oakland needs to fit indoor plumbing into their tight budget. I know they don’t have the big plumbing budget of the Yankee’s front office, but I think they can make it work by picking up inexpensive efficient plumbing fixtures that other teams are willing to trade.