Rays Ball Boy Saves Bullpen From Certain Death, Receives Standing Ovation, Medal Of Honor*

  • Jake O'Donnell

Believe it or not, ball boys have a purpose beyond making everyone jealous. Much like the Moon to the Earth, major league ball boys serve as expendable buffers between errant baseballs and the expensive players that they idolize. They’re pretty much paid to take a bullet for these guys. That’s why last night in Tampa, the Rays right field ball boy (presumably named “Timmy” or “Jimmy”) went beyond the call of duty to save the innocent relief pitching staff, and did his best Evan Longoria impression. His reward: A standing ovation and post game interview.

Perhaps he was compensating for blowing this ground ball earlier in the game, which he miss-judged as it careened off the bullpen wall, consequently putting the team’s ankles in jeopardy.

[BI Sports