This Is Why Seats Right Down The Foul Line Aren’t Always As Good As They Look

  • Glenn Davis

It looks like a sweet deal – not only get good seats to a playoff baseball game, but get to sit in comfortable recliners and have a TV right in front of you, so if you miss anything (which you might well not, because again, these are good seats you have), you’re covered. But a couple Tampa Bay Rays fans who enjoyed that exact arrangement at last night’s 4-3 Rangers win in Game 3 of the Division Series might tell you: those seats aren’t always as comfortable as they look:

Thankfully, they were able to have a laugh about it. And we’re especially thankful that: 1) the kid wasn’t sitting in his seat; 2) the ball didn’t head straight for the older guy because, well, he didn’t appear to have the world’s quickest reaction time. And while the young man’s initial play on the ball was unsuccessful, he eventually got it back – meaning in addition to the great/comfortable playoff seats and TV, he walked out with a free souvenir. Does all that make up for nearly getting beaned with a hard-hit line drive foul ball? Well, yeah, probably…though the Rays winning would have helped, too.