Realigning Baseball Divisions According to MLB’s Original Cities

  • David Gonos


Have you ever played in franchise mode in Madden or on MLB The Show, and you trade for players on other teams, and after about 10 seasons, every roster is all screwed up with very few players left on their original teams? Then you hit “RESET” and everybody’s right back where they started!

We thought we’d do that with all of the teams in Major League Baseball, sending them all back to their original cities, then realigning all of them so that they fit together as close to geographically possible in each division.

Sure, it was a hugeheadache, and it will be impossible to ever put these teams back in their 2016 divisions ever again. But we’re willing to risk that chance!

Realigning Baseball Teams By Original Cities

Be prepared for quite the shakeup in the Major League Baseball Map you once knew!

Photo Credit: Bettmann, Getty Images