Really, Newsday? This Is Your Headline For Tuesday’s Mets-Marlins Game?

  • Rick Chandler


Oh print journalism, may you never die.

Three days after the Miami Marlins’ Jose Fernandez was killed in a tragic boating accident, and the day of his memorial service in Miami, Newsday created a great disturbance in the Force when they unleashed this headline this morning.

The Mets beat the Marlins 12-1 on Tuesday, and an editor thought long and hard before producing this gem. Sure this is likely an accident, even though Newsday is produced in the NY metro area. But this is print, guys — you just don’t delete “Smooth Sailing” after a boating accident, hit send and call it a day. Gotta run this by an editor or two.

Newsday’s online headline for the Mets game right now is Mets Magic Number Down To Four In Wild Card Race. Not an awful headline — unless you realize that the Mets only have four games remaining on their schedule. So, not so magic.