Red Sox Ballgirl Fields In-Play Baseball And Slyly Pretends She Didn't (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

If you’re an MLB ballboy or ballgirl, the best you can hope for is a quick 15 minutes of fame on SportsCenter. Typically, said 15 minutes rolls around thanks to a sweet highlight reel catch of a foul ball down one of the base lines. Then there’s the exception to that rule, where a ballboy/ballgirl accidentally fields a baseball that is in play.

We’ve all seen that happen once or twice before, but what we haven’t seen is this Boston Red Sox ballgirl’s genius reaction once she recognizes her mistake:

Ah, yes. The good old “throw it on the ground and look the other way and nobody will notice what I did even though there’s professional cameras filming the ball’s every move” trick! The oldest one in the book. And she would’ve gotten away with it too… if it wasn’t for those meddling cameramen!