Red Sox Fan Makes Two Barehanded Catches, Might Get MLB Deal (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

There’s something special about baseball, something that sets it apart from every other professional sport out there. Baseball has one major factor that differentiates from football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and so on. The aspect that makes baseball so unique is the fact that its the only sport where a fan can make the best play of the game.

For those of you thinking that its the only sport where fat people can excel (see: Sabathia, C.C. or Colon, Bartolo), remember that football lines usually combine for about a ton in poundage.

No fan is going to top a posterizing dunk or a one-handed diving touchdown catch. No fan is going to pull of a feat more impressive than a Beckham-esque bending goal or a 160 miles-per-hour ace of a tennis serve.

But in baseball, Joe Schmo sitting along the first base line can not only make the best play of the game, but the top two best plays of the game! Yesterday, a fan at Fenway Park showed off his cat-like reflexes and fielding ability as he snagged two foul balls bare-handed in the same game.

Here he is:

The Red Sox are sitting pretty ugly at the bottom of the AL East, so word is that they’ve reached out to this guy to see if he can hit as well as he fields.