Red Sox Fans Curb Stomp Each Other At Victory Parade Meant To Unify City

  • Jake O'Donnell

Don’t get us wrong, Boston has had a roller coaster year, and it’s been terrible for a lot of people in the metro area as they try to rebuild after one of the most devastating terror attacks in U.S. history. A World Series victory isn’t exactly a one-time panacea for a city that lost so much. That being said, it’s a bright spot in a year with a lot of darkness.

The parade was generally great, too.

But it’s worth mentioning that, amidst the tumult of Boston’s 2013, we (people from other cities) have kind of lost sight of Beantown’s well-deserved beer-swigging, ass-kicking, curb-stomping reputation as home to some of the most obnoxious fans in sports. Thanks to videos like this, we’re pretty certain Red Sox Nation will restore its street cred as America’s defacto asshole fan base before they get to rain on another championship parade with drunken violence. Not a single person stepped in and stopped the fight. In fact, it looked more like people were running in to kick other human beings laying unconscious on the ground. Unity!

Hope you had fun being the most likable sports franchise in the country. At least things are somewhat back to normal, which is good, right?

H/T Barstool